The Corporation of love towards the child

The Corporation of love towards the child "CARIÑO" is a private non-profit organization working on behalf of children, through educational and promotional strategies with the full exercise of their rights and responsibilities, to contribute to a dignified and respectful society.

Since 1978 Cariño Corporation establishes programs that favor the promotion and dissemination of the rights and obligations of children in different educational institutions in the city of Medellin, Antioquia and throughout Colombia. As a result of this work, the need to develop specific actions to address the problem of sexual abuse was identified and since 2002 the project to prevent child sexual abuse started. At Cariño we are interested in raising awareness amongst people who in particular have to do with the upbringing and education of children: parents, teachers, significant others and the community that one way or another are involved in this mission. Ensure proper treatment, the fulfillment of their rights, protection against abuse and child sexual abuse are some of our reasons for being, developing various programs and activities to help reduce the problems that afflict our childhood.

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