Reports 2012

Abril -June 2012 Report

Between april and june 29th 2012, recieved 227 reports of which 54% refer to child sexual abuse material; 14% about inappropriate content on radio and TV for chilgren under 18 years old; 11% on sale and consumption of alcohol and other psychoactive substances and others and 10% on bullying or cyber-bullying.


Te Protejo´s launch report

On 18th may, was held to launch, the first hotline for the protection of children and adolescents, a Colombian initiative by the Ministry of TIC, ICBF, Fundación Telefónica, Red PaPaz and the Foro de Generaciones Interactivas de España, with the support of the Colombian National Police.

During the event, Tigo Colombia Movil announced its commitment to this initiative by becoming, with ETB, the first new allies.

Partners and agreements